The Benefits of WordPress Hosting

Updated for October 2018

What are the benefits of WordPress hosting as opposed to regular shared hosting?

Taken from flickr member Rob Davies

Ease of Use - WordPress, an open source CMS, is notoriously easy to use, and is designed for both novice, and more advanced webmasters, who are looking to build their very own sites with relatively little hassle and with a very user-friendly drag and drop interface and intuitive control panel.

For those less tech-savvy users, using WordPress, and therefore WordPress hosting, for the creation and publication of their sites, is a more user-friendly alternative to having to deal with domain registration, domain transfers and hosting issues, all by your lonesome. With the top WordPress hosting services, users will be able to register, build and host their sites, all with one service provider. Also, WordPress hosting customers will have the alternative of using the WordPress CMS platform for the design and construction of their site, as opposed to having to use the hosting service’s provided website building tools that, although usually pretty basic, can sometimes prove to be a hindrance to users that are not used to working with website building tools, and are looking for a simpler drag and drop site building solution (which WordPress provides). Via a 1-click integration tool provided by your chosen WordPress hosting service, you too can build, design and publish your own website, all from one service provider.

Affordability - WordPress hosting plans can save you a great deal of money, as well as effort, since the1-click CMS integration tool and domain registration are usually already included with the plan and you wouldn’t have to pay extra for domain registration, domain transfers or for any website building tools which may be at an added cost when choosing a regular hosting plan (depending on the web hosting service in question).

Increased Speed and Reliability - The best WordPress hosting solutions will provide their users with enhanced, or specialized, WordPress platforms that are especially designed to allow for an added measure of speed and security. With the help of automatic core updates and encrypted sFTP capabilities, the speed and security of your hosting server is guaranteed, ensuring that any data transferred to and from your site remains private and encrypted.